Friday, August 2, 2013

Keeping it Simple

I just found my cell phone in my makeup case. Stuffed right in there beside my mascara and loose powder.

What's worse is I knew it would be there. I had spent a big chunk of the evening looking for it in all the logical places -- purse, car, desk, bathroom, upstairs, downstairs, pockets, back deck, kitchen counter. No go. So I sat down in front of a mindless television show (a great way to concentrate ... on anything but the show) and practiced a type of mindfulness I learned on Sesame Street years ago, when my kids were little: Walk backwards through your mind. I had said this many times over the years to tender, forgetful little ears.

Okay, I'd finished dinner, taken a shower and dabbed on a little bit o' pretty, even though my husband was likely to be the only human being to see me at that hour. (After thirty-five years of marriage, it's no time to start taking things for granted.) I could absolutely visualize myself scooping up my compacts, tubes and cell phone and putting them away ... together.

Thanks, Bert and Ernie. Once again, I note that your wise words are still a valuable resource for me. And I think I'm in good company. I remember a brilliant young woman who once told me that what she learned from an association game that was a regular feature in Highlights magazine helped her ace a section of her LSAT's. She also said her peers complained that specific section was the most difficult for them.

I guess there are all kinds of things we accomplished a long time ago that we shouldn't take for granted.

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