Thursday, July 5, 2012

More on (or "Moron") Age-Appropriate Attire (the subject that will not die)

*Before I write another word, utter another e-peep, read and listen to the latest Ask the Go-To Girls latest: podcast #16:

               dress your age, not your shoe size

And in the spirit of age-appropriate dressing, I, the Uppity Woman, additionally offer you this:

How much bling is appropriate after 50? Are these "old friends" being too ostentatious?
(My dear friend Pam and I show off our dazzling, 4th of July, blinking-bling rings)

The subject of age-appropriate dressing seems to get itself in my face all the time lately. When a fifty-year old grandma asked the Go-To Girls whether or not her outfit was appropriate, it was only the beginning, the proverbial can of worms. (Wait ... surely there's a proverb that mentions a can of worms, right?)
So we did the podcast (click on link above to listen: dress your age, not your shoe size) and I thought we'd put the subject to rest, but NOOOO, it has reared its ugly rear -- I mean, head -- several times since.
Or maybe no more than usual, maybe I'm just sensitized to the issue now. For example, just today I opened Facebook to see this post from an "old friend" (interpret that as you will):

... today when I bought a dress...perfect fit, comfy, on sale...only to find out it was a maternity dress, my confidence and sense of style took a hit :(

Yes, it's funny, but that's not the point. The point is, we mature gals really do think about this topic a lot. SHOULD WE? I mean, aren't we supposed to be jauntily wearing purple and spitting in public these days?

What's up with that? I wanna know what YOU think! Talk to me.


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